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We all try to be as organized as we possibly can, even though many of us fail at this task. After all, there are several built-in productivity apps on any smartphone, where Apple has decided to split out these apps across its Calendar, Reminders, and Notes.

VigCal is The Ultimate OS X Calendar

Even though all of these three apps are great in their own way (especially Notes after having received an overhauled interface in iOS 9), this does not seem like a good idea. In many cases, activities and appointments are often interrelated, making it tiresome to keep track of all three apps.

A young team at VigStore has decided to take on a challenge of creating an app that combines several productivity-related apps into one. An app called VigCal is already available for different Apple-made devices, so you can use it on your iPhone, iPad, and even on your Mac. Let’s see what VigCal is all about as we will be taking a look at its OS X version.

As its name says, this is not just another calendar app, but instead an organizer for your life. Still, its calendar is the main aspect, from which you can access your lists with checkboxes and full-fledged notes. When it comes to adding a new item, simply click within the app, in the location where you want to add an entry, even though you can use the “+” button in the top right corner.

What also needs to be highlighted is that the VigCal supports both lists and notes. However, these lists and notes come with rich formatting, where you can add text, photos, videos, or even drawings.

Among the options that are offered while adding a new entry, you can find numerous different types of data that you can enter. For example, you can add a Google Maps location, invite other people, as well as use contextual labels.

These labels are a good way to organize your schedule using a simple filter to preview your upcoming tasks, even though they have other implications as well. Once you are done, you will get to see your newly created entry in the calendar view.

VigCal is The Ultimate OS X Calendar

Your calendar can be previewed in several different ways. You can choose from several views like day, week, month, or list. Furthermore, you can group your upcoming tasks by their date, context, tag, location, or invited contacts. Needless to say, VigCal comes with a very rich preferences menu, where you can set up when your weekday starts, your working hours, and much more.

You can also make links towards photos, videos, as well as any kind of document that can be on your computer, iOS device, or on the Web.

VigCal can be downloaded free of charge to your OSX and iOS devices. However, you can see this free version as a trial, since you will not be able to enjoy all of its features. The full version, priced at $4.99, unlocks syncing between different devices, linking to files, as well as other tools that seem highly usable.

VigCal has done a good job of integrating several applications into one and offering easy-to-use interface. Even though it will take some time until you learn the ropes and see numerous possibilities, VigCal is certainly worth the price.

VigCal - Smart organizer ...


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VigCal - Smart organizer ...

VigCal is an organizer for your tasks, events and notes. It is an all-in-one calendar with a rich advanced features set, including:

• Supports multiple calendars, color code and put them in the same view.
• Calendars can be merged.
• Lunar date supported.
• Support multiple contexts for task, event and note. Each context can have its own time set.
• Tasks and notes are integrated with calendar events.
• See events, tasks and notes in all views: Day, Week, Month or List.
• Group events, tasks and notes by Calendars, Dates, Manual, Contexts, Tags, Locations and Contacts.
• Free/Busy shows you how much free time you have left in all views.
• Flexible weekday starts, working day hours and sorting.

• Events, tasks and notes can be created anywhere with minimum of taps.
• Drag and drop task, event and note anywhere to change its time automatically or convert it quickly.

• Integrated with Contacts to add invitees, or sharing.
• Priority task with important levels.
• Sorting tasks with different criteria.
• Completed tasks can be exported to many kinds of file format so that you can read them on PC.

• Schedule your tasks one by one, in groups, or all at once.
• The application will fit your list of tasks into your calendar by booking function.

• Sub tasks can be formatted as checklists so you know what needs to be done and what you have already accomplished.
• Easy to show/hide completed checks.

• Multiple notes per day.
• Many kinds of note: text note, hand drawing note, voice note, video note, photo note...or combining all of them into one note.
• Many kinds of drawing supported: solid or outline line, different color...
• Many kinds of text format: font, styles, color...
• Directly create task or event from a note or part of note.

• Tasks, events and notes can be linked together to make them into workflows.
• They can also link to photo, audio, video, document files... not just inside your device, but also from web.

• Send/receive invitation your task or event to a list other VigCal users via email.
• Data can be shared with your friends via VigCloud.

• Tasks can be timed, just set the timer.
• Timer logs can be exported to many kinds of file format.
• Set multiple timing for a single task.

• Show your tasks, events and notes, that are around your current location, on an embedded map with adjustable distance.

• Task can be synced with Google tasks, built-in Reminders and Toodledo.
• Event can be directly synced with Google calendar and built-in calendar, where you can sync data to Outlook, Mobile Me, etc.
• VigCal can sync with other VigCal (Mac or iOS version) via iCloud/VigCloud.
• Sync with multiple devices via iCloud/VigCloud.

• Your data can be backup automatically (or manually) for future restoring.
• Data can be printed anywhere.
• Data can be posted to Facebook from anywhere.
• Data can be exported as PDF/CSV/Photo and sent via email.

• Many kinds of skins.
• Data can be viewed as list or folders.
• Clean looking and easy to understand.
• Minimal click/type to enter your data.
• Easy to complete task with one click.
More and more advanced features need you to explore...

Click the Gallery for more screens or the Info for additional information.

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