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Reddit has had a strange relationship with mobile clients. Even though this highly popular community thrives on desktop platforms thanks to its web-based design, this wasn’t the case with smartphones.

The official Reddit app is finally here and it's awesome

Back in October of 2014, Reddit acquired a company behind the most popular third-party mobile client, called Alien Blue. This application came in two distinct versions, built for iPhones and iPads. However, the company struggled to optimize the application and to deliver a certain kind of concept, which forced its in-house developers to build a new official app.

This company unveiled its plans to replace Alien Blue with its own built app a couple of months ago. Both of Reddit’s apps have been in beta for some time, Android since January and iOS since March. However, the software is now available for download.

The new app for iPhone offers a number of features that aim to differentiate it from the wide range of third-party clients on iOS. Differently from the most popular third-party apps, the new Reddit app for iPhone comes with a “card view”, whose mission is to simplify the UI when it comes to a rich media content.

On iOS, it offers a speed-read button, which is platform-specific. The role of this button is to help you easily navigate lengthy threads, which is often the problem in this community.

What many users are going to appreciate is the ability to customize subreddits.

Moderators now have a better control over content and customization, completely replacing the need for the Web version.

Reddit official video:

Still, some of the most important changes happened under the hood. The app comes at 6.8Mb from the iOS App Store, which means that it’s light in size and light on your phone’s performance. The new code base also allows its developers to deliver new updates and features in a timely manner.

The official Reddit app is finally here and it's awesome

This wasn’t possible with the Alien Blue, due to its complex structure. The plan is to keep the app updated at least once a month, which shows Reddit’s effort to keep this app ahead of third-party clients.

The new application is available for iPhone and Android headsets. As it can be seen from the iOS App Store, there is no iPad version yet. This is why you can still see Alien Blue listed as the official app, and will stay listed until the company develops its own dedicated tabled app.

In the meantime, users can take advantage of highly capable and rich features of Alien Blue for iPad. There are numerous ways to preview and filter the content, post new messages and insert all kinds of rich media, as well as stay on top of multiple accounts. It is understandable why Reddit decided to keep this app, since it will take a lot of hard work until a new app is made, ready to replace the existing one.

The company has finally made a move towards addressing the problem of mobile applications, which seemed high-priority for a long time. Over 50% of Reddit’s traffic comes from mobile browsers and third-party clients. By having the official app, users can more easily stay on top of the latest features and enjoy this vibrant and a very helpful community.

Reddit: The Official App

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Reddit: The Official App

Funny cat photos, trending news stories, and the best discussions on the internet—these are just a few of the awesome things the official Reddit app does best.

On Reddit, there’s a community for every subject imaginable: your favorite sports team, relationship advice, memes, the latest in news and politics—all in real time.

And if you like gifs (or jifs, jiffys, glyphs, ifs, however you choose to mispronounce it), we’re positive you'll love it.

What’s that you say, girl? “What about a community dedicated solely to images of cats standing on their hind legs?”

We got that, too.

Whether you’re into movies or space travel, baking or weight training, cheesy dad jokes, world news or Hollywood gossip—or all of the above—you can instantly share your content and ideas with an audience of millions.

We’re not saying Reddit is like all your favorite apps put together. But if we were saying that, we’d tell you it has:

• the trendy headlines of Twitter
• the educational content of Quora
• the viral pics of Memebase and Imgur
• the jokesters of Tumblr
• the lols of 9GAG and theCHIVE
• the cringeworthy personal stories of FML and Fail Blog
• the rage comics of fourchan
• and the powerful, human stories found only on Reddit.

(Oops, we went full circle.)

So the next time you’re bored and need a break—wait, you’re bored right now? Why are you still reading this? Download the app already!

Those cats won’t stand on their hind legs forever...

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