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When it comes to casino-themed apps, the iOS App Store offers plenty of choice. Some of those games are a good way to sharpen your skills and to teach yourself a new kind of a card game, while other apps are online casinos and gambling services packed into an app.

Sharpen Your Skills with BC Blackjack

In this article we will talk about a newly released casino game that lets you test your Blackjack skills and perhaps to learn a couple of tricks. The app is called BC Blackjack, developed and published by Bedrock Code. Continue reading to learn more about this interesting app.

In contrast to numerous teaching apps of this kind, BC Blackjack takes a step further in the right direction. This game comes with realistic rules and studies your moves, so you can really test yourself before playing for real money.

It is important to note that the official App Store description says that BC Blackjack is the most realistic game of its kind, which I am sure you’ll agree with once you start playing it.

The game features realistic full-sized cards, chips, and blackjack table. You can also count on any other aspect of a Blackjack game, just like in real life, like stacked chips, dealt cards, as well as pays and collects. There are no annoying background noises trying to imitate a casino, but instead you can focus on your cards.

BC Blackjack comes with a built-in training system and basic strategy guides to help you learn the basics as well as to sharpen your skills. As you play, you will be free to make your moves, without any limitations. However, as you play you will see three kinds of symbols, which is the way for this game to assess your moves.

A green tick means that you’re playing by the books, while a yellow tick means the same but that you had to consult the old chart before making the move. A cross means that you’ve crossed the rules, so you have to take a step back and take a look at the guide if you’re not sure what you’ve done.

Sharpen Your Skills with BC Blackjack

As you play, the game will record your moves so you can take a look at your play history at any time. This is how you can see your previous hands and analyze if a better move could’ve been made.

The application comes free of charge, but it contains advertisements and has some locked features. Around five minutes of play, you will see an add that usually lasts only a couple of seconds. This means that you can play without spending any real money, but the Pro account is really worth the price of $3.99.

The Pro account allows you to play at higher limit tables, customize table settings, and it removes ads in addition to unlocking a couple of other features.

Thanks to its realistic gameplay and nicely designed UI, BC Blackjack easily takes the winning spot when it comes to casino-themed apps. Download it and check it out for yourself.

BC Blackjack

by Bedrock Code LLC

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BC Blackjack

Play the most realistic Blackjack game in the app store, with full sized cards, chips, and table all beautifully rendered in 3D. With built in trainer and basic strategy cards, learn basic strategy and take your blackjack game to the next level. BC Blackjack is free to play, and you never pay for chips. Upgrade to the Pro version to remove ads and to unlock higher tables, game play settings, and practice modes.

BC Blackjack features realistic full sized cards, chips and blackjack table, so no more squinting at tiny cards like in other Blackjack apps. But the realism does not stop there: BC Blackjack stacks chips, deals cards, pays and collects bets just like in the casino. Pro users can customize the table rules to match their favorite casino.

Play BC Blackjack for free. No waiting or paying for chips like many other blackjack apps. Start a new game at any time. Upgrade to Pro to have access to higher limit tables, be able to change table settings, use practice modes and more.

BC Blackjack has a built in trainer and basic strategy charts to help you learn and practice basic strategy. Your play history is also kept so you can easily see how you are doing. Pro users can use three practice modes to improve areas of weakness.

• Full sized cards, chips and table
• Realistic casino game play
• Built in basic strategy trainer
• Basic strategy charts with history
• Free chips with no waiting
• Advanced plays like insurance, surrender, even money
• Slow/Normal/Fast dealing speeds

• Access higher limit tables
• Customize table settings
• Practice modes: hard totals, soft totals, pairs
• Remove ads
• Start with higher bankrolls

• Dealer’s soft 17 rules
• Number of decks (1,2,4,6,8)
• Double down options:
- Allowed hand totals
- Allowed after split
- Allowe after hit
• Split Options:
- Max splits allowed
- Max splitting aces allowed
- Draw after splitting aces
- Tens must match
• Allow late surrender

Please email us at [email protected] for help and suggestions as we cannot respond directly to reviews.

Click the Gallery for more game screens or the Info for additional information.

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