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My Virtual Gay Boyfriend Free

WET Production – the creator of unique virtual dating series My Virtual Girlfriend and My Virtual Boyfriend has released the newest version of the game tailored for gay players called My Virtual Gay Boyfriend.
It is LGBT friendly, 3D dating simulation game, designed specifically for the adult gay male where the objective is to pick a mate, go on a date, fall in love and get married.
Once you download the game you have to rate your personality on the scale from 1 to 5.
Rebel, Funny, Healthy, Sensitive, and Attentive;
Smart, Feminine, Wealthy, Caring and Charisma;
Then you have to describe your physical characteristics such as the color of your hair, complexion, and appearance.
After you have described yourself it’s time to set up the preferences of the boy you want to flirt with.

Once you complete all this tricky questions you are ready to start a romance with your virtual gay boyfriend.
Now comes hard part – Start engaging conversation and actions in order to get his attention.
Every choice you make has its reward or consequence as you try to earn points with him.
You need to find things that he like according to his personality. As you progress with him, he gonna like you more and more. With each new level achieved, you will open up new ways to interact with him and there are more than 35 levels to be unlocked.

My virtual gay boyfriend

Some of the features are:
1000’s of hot and hunky guys to choose from.
35+ levels of progressive game play
Unique outfits they can wear – Naughty cop, Fireman, Angel, Cowboy, and more.
Interact through conversation, actions, activities and touch
Optional Customization- Change his face, hair, skin, clothes, and body features.
Optional Photo Face mapping- Use any picture from your phone and map it to his face!
Vampire and Zombie boyfriends (If you’re into that kind of thing)
Unique personalities under these 5 stereotypes: Jock, Geek, Sophisticate, Partier, Romantic
Clever and funny characters.
Hi-res 3D graphics with Camera control.
Achievements and rewards
Using in-app purchase you can unlock more features and customize your virtual partner even more what takes this simulator game to the next higher level of entertainment.

In conclusion:
Using proven techniques from previous game titles, WET Production has made an awesome dating simulation game – again.
Check the links below to try it now (FREE):



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