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On December 3, 2013
Last modified:December 3, 2013


Very useful productivity app!

MarginNote - Make organised reading notes with Evernote

Day by day it becomes obvious that tablets will substitute paper and pen in close future.
There are tons of apps on the market that can help you in learning and productivity.
Some schools have already introduced tablets as essential learning device that substitute books. This is good because all your books are in your tablet and you don’t have to carry high weight bags with you. So, if you are a student or you are just using iPad as a tool in your everyday work, you might need MarginNote. It is a very useful tool for reading and for margin note taking. Anyone who has ever been a student knows that in learning process you have to take notes related to stuff you are learning for the exam. With MarginNote it is easy to make notes or highlight certain parts of the text.
Also, if you are Evernote user, it will synchronize your work with all devices you are using. Notes that you take with this app can be printed or shared easily which is useful option, especially if you are working in the group. All documents can be imported from your PC or MAC using local WiFi spot, from the web or simply from your DropBox. Since this app supports text, handwriting and voice note taking it is an outstanding tool at convenient price and limitless possibilities.
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MarginNote - Make organised reading notes with Evernote

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  1. Bob on December 10, 2013

    As a student I’d like to thank you for such good advice. It is very useful app but IMHO it still can be improved…