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Even though our iPhones are equipped with a default Mail client, many of us look for an alternative iOS e-mail app. For me, the default Mail app is very basic and simple, and so I always look for something more powerful since I see myself as a power user.

During the last couple of months, I have been using Microsoft’s Outlook which managed to bring a simple UI design in combination with complex functionality. However, this doesn’t mean that I should stop searching.

In fact, I am very happy that I kept checking out iOS e-mail clients on the App Store, since this is how I saw the newest version of Airmail. I was immediately stunned as I have been using Airmail on my Mac for a couple of years now. In case you’re like me, you must be interested in how this iOS app looks and feels like, so continue reading this article.

Airmail for iPhone

When it comes to the UI design, I am happy to say that Airmail for iOS is somewhat similar to the Mac version in terms of the overall aesthetics. Airmail’s design is very simple and clean, but also fully customizable so you can find numerous ways using which you can redesign the interface.

This app is known for handling multiple e-mail addresses, and it does a good job of color-coding different items so you exactly know from which inbox a message came from. All in all, the app looks and feels better than the default iOS Mail app and it managed to pack a lot of features without getting overcrowded.

Upon the initial launch, you will see that Airmail support accounts that are associated with Google, iCloud, Exchange, Yahoo, and Outlook. In addition, you can enter any IMAP and POP3 account, as expected. There’s no limit on how many accounts you can add, and you change the default icon for each account and tweak their own sets of settings, which is pretty advanced when it comes to iOS apps.

Just like Airmail for OSX, this iOS application comes with an overwhelming number of useful options and tools.
For example, it lets you snooze messages, add filters, and integrate third-party applications, in addition to customizing the interface, rearranging the menus, and applying different sounds to different accounts.

Those of you who are power users will be happy to know that you can integrate a number of services that work seamlessly with Airmail. Some of these are: Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive, as well as services like Droplr, OmniFocus, and Fantastical. Take a look at the official website for the full list.

Airmail for iPhone

Airmail requires iOS 9, which is something to keep in mind if you plan on purchasing the app. In case you own an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, you can take the advantage of 3D Touch for view messages, as well as snooze, reply, or trash them. In case you also own an Apple Watch, the good news is that you can view and read your inbox from this wrist-worn iOS device.

If you are looking for an iOS e-mail client that is packed with great and useful features and you’re not afraid to dive in, our strong recommendation is to take a look at Airmail.
This will be a purchase you surely won’t regret.

Airmail - Your Mail With ...

by Bloop S.R.L.

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Airmail - Your Mail With ...

Airmail is a powerful mail client for Mac, now available for iPhone and iPad.

Designed for the latest generation iOS, it supports 3D Touch, fast document previewing, high quality PDF creation, and native integration with other apps and services for a frictionless workflow.

Workflow customization is at the core, with a rich feature set like snooze, interactive push notifications, and full inbox sync.

iCloud sync provides a fully ubiquitous experience so that all your accounts and app preferences are synced.

- Support for Gmail, Exchange EWS, IMAP and POP3
- Push notifications, with VIP, custom actions, full body preview and custom sounds
- Badge for Unread, Messages, and New
- Apple Watch app with glance and interactive notifications
- Customizable swipes
- Threads and single messages
- Snooze messages
- Bulk editing
- iCloud sync between Mac and iOS
- Drafts
- Aliases
- Multiple signatures
- Unified inbox
- Horizontal layout
- 19 languages

- 3D Touch quick access
- 3D Touch Peek and Pop
- Spotlight search for documents and messages
- Share composer extension
- iCloud sync for labels, preferences and accounts across Mac and iOS
- Handoff between Mac and iOS
- Notifcation Based on Locations ("Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."

- Online search
- Filter by Unread, Starred, Conversation, Today and Smart
- Quick access to the messages of one sender
- Quick per account single folder access

- Full label access
- Per single labels sync
- Quick access to recent labels
- Favorite labels
- Full label creation and editing
- Document view with rich preview
- Unread, Today, Conversations and Contacts

- HTML rich composer
- Attachment resizing
- Document import from Dropbox, Google Drive and much more
- Signature swipes
- Composer extension
- Online drafts
- Send and Archive

- Undo actions
- Move mail between accounts
- Multiple signature
- Operations view
- Attachments view
- Contacts view
- Mark as unread on open

- Google Directory Search
- Exchange Global Address List
- Contacts Group messages
- Auto CC/BCC

- Profile icons
- Highlight subject
- Account icons
- Account colors
- Preview message lines
- Remote images

- Archive
- Trash
- Snooze defer messages
- Move and Labels
- Mark as Unread
- Mark as Starred
- Mark as Spam
- To Do, Memo, Done
- Send to Calendar
- Send to iOS Extension
- Create a searchable PDF
- Print
- Bounce
- Redirect
- Transfer to a different account
- Universal link Mac/iOS
- Add to sender to VIP
- Empty Trash and Spam
- Mark entire mailbox as read
- Archive all messages


- Google Drive
- Droplr
- OneDrive
- Dropbox

Open Links in:
- Safari
- Chrome
- Firefox
- iCab
- Mercury
- Safari in-app

Send to Apps and Service:
- Calendars Invites
- Apple Calendar
- Apple Reminder
- Omnifocus
- Todoist
- Wunderlist
- Fantastical 2
- 2DO
- Trello
- Clear
- Evernote
- Appigo Todo
- The Hit List
- Things
- Task
- Editorial
- Draft 4
- iA Writer
- Code Hub
- Things
- 1Writer
- Delivery
- Github
- Swipes
- Pocket

- Business
Airmail is also available on Apple B2B store with MDM and AppConfig support, please contact us for more info.

URL Scheme:


Airmail does NOT store your messages on our servers.
Server processing is very limited and performed only if users enable push notifications.

Thanks to all the testers on the Slack group that have been involved in the development!

Click the Gallery for more game screens or the Info for additional information about game.

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